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Unique coworking spaces are available for tenants of New Hanza offices

Nowadays, we expect much more from a workplace than just a comfortable desk and chair to work at. Technologies and various communication tools have convincingly demonstrated that a significant portion of our work can be organized and performed remotely. Therefore, an office has also become a meeting place where we can build organizational culture, strengthen values, foster teambuilding, and employee motivation.
To retain or attract skilled employees, more and more employers want to provide a workspace where people enjoy being. This means modern office design and thoughtful layout where, in addition to the necessary equipment for performing direct job duties, there is also a place for socializing, relaxation, or working in small teams.
For any tenant making the decision to change their office space, there should be an opportunity to enjoy the practical benefits of a modern and multifunctional office. It's not always feasible or financially justifiable to construct such offices in small office spaces. Therefore, when creating New Hanza offices, we made the decision to offer tenants the opportunity to expand the boundaries of their leased office by creating a 500 square meter fully-equipped coworking space with a 240 square meter outdoor terrace, which will be furnished during the warm season. These spaces allow for conducting meetings, working individually, socializing, having meals, and relaxing in a quiet room. The availability of such spaces for New Hanza office tenants allows for a more efficient planning of their office space without overpaying for areas that would be used relatively infrequently on a daily basis.
The coworking spaces on the 2nd floor of the building have been designed in collaboration with the experienced team of the design studio RADADARA. We aimed for a work environment that is both professional and cozy at the same time. In the layout, we have included a well-equipped kitchen with a comfortable lounge area, an open-plan office with multiple workstations, a spacious conference room, and six meeting rooms that tenants can reserve as needed.
In the conference rooms, it is possible to accommodate up to 60 guests if you need to organize a larger event or presentation. All meeting rooms are equipped with TV screens. We have also considered a children's corner in case there is a need to bring children to the office. Undisturbed discussions or online meetings can be conducted in the latest generation Framery One phone booths.
Thinking about the comfort of the tenants, a space has been created where one can enjoy colour therapy. In this room, there is a lounge chair where everyone can change the colour, tone, and intensity of the lighting according to their mood to prepare for the next work challenge.
We can already conclude that the decision to create such a space has been the right one. Our partners have accomplished the task with high quality, appreciated by both the current and new tenants of the building. A cozy, informal atmosphere has been created, where it is pleasant to be, and that makes one want to gladly return here again and again.



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